Top Internships in San Francisco

Top Internships in San Francisco

Working at a San Francisco organic co-op isn't the only hands-on experience you can find in the Bay Area.

Working at an organic co-op or restaurant is a classic way to gain experience, but there are a variety of internships, paid and unpaid, across the San Francisco Bay Area that can help get your foot in the door -- be it for a career in software engineering or fashion. And none of them involve organic food (unless you're eating at the company cafeteria).

A survey of some of San Francisco's top employers reveals that Hewlett-Packard offers internships in the engineering fields (mechanical, industrial, and computer), information technology, finance, and business administration. Meanwhile, Adobe internships are offered for students interested in software engineering, user experience, customer support, marketing, product management -- even human resources.

Internships at The Gap are perfect for aspiring merchandisers, as well as students interested in communications/public relations, finance, inventory management, real estate/construction, and store operations.

For more creative types, Pixar and DreamWorks can give you experience in a variety of fields including graphic design, animation, story, editorial, and technical direction.

Even if your career path is unclear, companies such as Google and Electronic Arts encourage students from all disciplines to apply for their coveted internships and co-ops -- offered year-round.

A sampling of other internship opportunities in various fields includes:

  • San Francisco Chronicle - journalism features, news, and photography
  • Wells Fargo - audit, risk management, commercial real estate, energy, banking, securities, wealth management, and brokerage
  • Chevron - finance development, engineering, business analysis, procurement, human resources, and information technology
  • Apple - design and software engineering, user experience, product design, marketing, retail, education, and merchandising
  • San Francisco Mime Troupe - tour management, stage management, costume, set design/technical direction, props, and sound engineering
  • California Academy of Sciences - biology, botany, entomology, geology, and environmental studies

Visit Monster College for a more complete list of internships and jobs for current students and recent graduates in San Francisco and around the U.S.

In addition, most schools have well-developed internship programs with connections at businesses throughout San Francisco. Use our quick and private forms to request more information from San Francisco Bay Area schools about their internship placement services.

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